About Us


Back in 1998, Decorin was founded to fill an overlooked need in the design marketplace. At the time, there were plenty of cheap, mass-produced vanity sets flooding the market - discount lines that were affordable, readily available, and utterly bland.
Also available were enchanting but prohibitively priced designer collections, luxurious, tempting, and priced at levels the average consumer couldn’t reasonably afford. Consumers with finer tastes and a limited budget had to choose which design elements of their dream bathroom were essential... and which they’d just have to do without. This led to a growing, pressing need in the interior design community for a value option geared towards more design-savvy clients.And so, from this need, Decorin Depot was born, offering chic bathroom fixtures at affordable price points. Over the past decade, we've secured a large corner of the fixtures market, appealing to the discerning consumer who appreciates beautiful design but also values a good buy.

Why we’re loved

Up to the Minute Inventory
Know what’s available and/or on backorder immediately via our catalog. Get notified when your favorites are back in stock.


Speedy Delivery

With two large-scale warehouses strategically located in, Hackensack NJ and Europe your order ships next business day.

Spares for Repairs

For repairs and maintenance, we stock plenty of replacement parts, all available on our easy-to-browse


Designed in USA and Europe

All our products are locally designed in New York design center. We are your one-stop shop for bath products, whether you are remodeling or you are building a new house. We are your neighbors; we give you wholesale prices; we take care of you.